University Heights Association, Inc. & The Board

We are very fortunate to have so many residents willing to volunteer their time and talents to keep University Heights a wonderful place to live. If you are interested in getting involved, don't hesitate to contact a Neighborhood Association Board member (below).

University Heights Association, Inc. 

The University Heights Association, Inc. (also called the "Neighborhood Association") is a not-for profit corporation and includes any resident who pays the annual Association dues. Active members play a role in the development and strength of the neighborhood. The Neighborhood Association is financed by annual membership dues and generous contributions.  No part of the trustee annual assessment goes to the Neighborhood Association.  The Neighborhood Association relies on everyone's participation to continue to serve our community.  Each resident's interest and involvement in the Neighborhood Association benefits all of us. Currently membership is $20. Payments can be made any time by contacting the treasurer of the University Heights Association, Inc. Board of Directors (below). There are also opportunities to pay annual membership dues at the annual meeting and the neighborhood picnic.   A membership form is included in the University Heights Welcome Packet and can be accessed here.

According to the bylaws of the Trust Indenture, "The purpose of the association is to enable residents of the neighborhood to organize the particular events, services, and activities of the neighborhood and to maintain the amenities that make University Heights Subdivision No. 1, a National Historic District, a desirable place to live." The Association is responsible for this website, publishing Fence Talk and other Neighborhood News, the Online Neighborhood Directory (available to residents only), the hanging flowerpots on the ornamental lamp posts, the flower bed at the Lewis Park Entrance Marker, the Trustee Intern Program (which trains prospective new trustees), posting meeting notices and other important information on the entrance lamps, and sponsoring events throughout the year.

If you are interested, you can review a copy of the updated (2018) University Heights Association, Inc. Bylaws.

The Board of Directors

The University Heights Association, Inc. Board of Directors are elected at the annual meeting and serve three-year terms. Board members may be elected for more than one term but can only serve two terms consecutively. Board members work with the trustees to maintain the high quality of services in the neighborhood. Favorite neighborhood events such as the annual picnic, Luminaria, and the progressive dinner are funded by the Association dues and organized by board members. 

The Neighborhood Association holds monthly board meetings at 7PM on the second Tuesday of the month ten (10) months out of the year. Meetings are hosted by various board members and specific locations are posted at the signs on the decorative light posts at the intersections of Yale-Princeton-Cornell and Trinity-Harvard-Cornell. All residents are welcome to attend board meetings to share your interests and ideas with your neighbors. If you are interested in joining the University Heights Association, Inc. Board of Directors, please come to one of the monthly meetings and let the members know. 

Below is a current list of our University Heights Association, Inc. Board of Directors and Alternate Board members and their email addresses. For additional contact information, please refer to the Neighborhood Directory.

Barb Chicherio, President

Marilyn Cathcart, Vice President

Judith Gainer, Secretary

Greg Phillips, Treasurer

Frank Castiglione

Sarah Heyman

Pete Klarmann

Anil Pillai

Anna Ruffin

Phil Slavin

Bart Stewart

Amanda Summer

Alternate Board Members:

Joy Gebhardt Beuc

Mario Carlos

Hope Horn

Felix Simmons

Amanda Slavin