Neighborhood Safety & Gate

Neighborhood Safety

University Heights has the feel of a small village. 

Our quiet, quaint, limited-access streets are welcoming to parents with strollers, young children trying out the training wheels on their bikes, dog walkers watching their furry friends greet one another, long-term residents walking their daily circuit with friends... it is part of the charm of living here. However, we are all responsible for traveling safely around our neighborhood

Drivers must observe stop signs and the 20 mph speed limit – and slow down even more when children and pedestrians are present.  It is very easy to pick up extra speed on the long downhill stretches of several of our streets.  Bikers, skateboarders, and those on rollerblades should wear helmets and be alert to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Parents should teach their children good street safety habits. 

While occurrences are fortunately uncommon, even small villages have crime. We are part of the larger urban area and not immune to problems.  Most of us know or recognize our neighbors and notice when something seems amiss.  Never hesitate to call the police (314) 725-2211 if you are uneasy about something you observe or you see someone speeding.  

We ask you to be actively involved in keeping our community safe and pleasant for our residents, neighbors and visitors. 

Northeast Gate

In the northeast corner of our neighborhood, at the intersection of Dartmouth and Harvard, we have a little footbridge and path leading to a small strip mall at the corner of Vernon and Kinglsand. The gate at the end of the footpath has a push button lock. Contact any of the Trustees: Mark Harvey (314) 398-7485, Frank Castiglione (612) 578-5852, and Myra Vandersall (314) 518-1451 for the code. Please keep this code confidential and make sure the gate is kept locked at all times. If you find the lock difficult to work with, please notify one of the trustees.