Annual Events

In addition to impromptu encounters with neighbors and the annual events described below, our neighborhood regularly offers other opportunities for residents to actively engage with one another. Past activities have included soccer games, kickball games, outdoor movie nights, and block parties.

The University Heights Association, Inc. (also called the "Neighborhood Association") posts the information for recurring and occasional events at the ornamental lampposts on the Yale-Princeton-Cornell intersection and the Trinity-Harvard-Cornell intersection.

 If you are interested in finding out about events happening in University City, keep a lookout for the ROARS newsletter in the mail, and follow University City on Twitter (@UniversityCity) and Facebook. Also watch out for banners announcing city-wide events in front of City Hall and at the intersection of Delmar and Big Bend. 

Our annual events are listed below in (more or less) the sequence in which they occur throughout the year. Once a date has been determined for these events, it will be posted in the calendar on this website.

Annual Meeting

While the University Heights Association, Inc. holds monthly board meetings at 7PM on the second Tuesday of the month, our annual meeting is jointly held by the the Neighborhood Association and the Trustees and occurs on a Sunday afternoon in late winter or early spring. All University Heights Subdivision No.1 residents are encouraged to attend the annual meeting and all are welcome to attend the Neighborhood Association monthly board meetings.  

The annual meeting is usually located at the University City Public Library (6701 Delmar), chaired by the Association president, and the trustees present their annual report. Items of general concern and interest are discussed. Neighborhood Association board members and trustees are elected, and residents have the opportunity to pay their Association dues at this meeting. Often, the mayor, a City Council member, and/or another guest speaks at this meeting. Light refreshments are served. 

Garden Tour

Our neighborhood is full of delightful gardens and gardeners! Every year, usually in the spring or early summer, neighbors arrange a walking tour of five to six  neighborhood gardens - some new, some mature - all lovely reflections of the creativity and dedication of those who care for them.  The participating gardens have included the works of master gardeners and artists, our local bee- and chicken-keepers, and newer gardeners interested in sharing their vision and getting input from others.  An email is sent out in advance to identify those interested in sharing their garden or participating in the tour. Neighbors meet at the first garden on the tour and walk as a group to each garden, concluding with light refreshments at the home of the last garden on the tour.

Memorial Day 5 K, 10K, & Fun Run

For over forty years there has been an annual University City Run the morning of Memorial Day.  In addition to 5K and 10 K events, there is a fun run for children and their parents. The Fun Run is often held on our neighborhood’s streets and begins around 9 AM.  To assure the safety of the participants, our streets are closed to traffic for about 45 minutes. The U. City Memorial Day Run is a wonderful event sponsored by various University City businesses and organizations. Proceeds benefit University City non profit organizations such as the University City LibraryThe Green Center, and U City in Bloom.  If you have kids, plan to participate.  If you don’t, cheer them on from the sidelines! 

Neighborhood Picnic

The annual neighborhood picnic is held on a Sunday afternoon in September at Lewis Park.  The Neighborhood Association board arranges for live music (usually a great local band) and provides grills, soft drinks and beer.   Bring your own main course, utensils, and a side dish or dessert to share.  Residents have the opportunity to pay their neighborhood association dues at this event.  Our picnic is a great way to meet and get to know your neighbors!


Halloween is a special holiday in University Heights.  From 6 to 8 PM, scores of costumed children roam the neighborhood for an old-fashioned trick-or-treat evening.   If you want to be visited, turn on your porch light and light your pumpkins.  If you aren’t home or don’t wish to participate, simply leave your porch light off that evening. A neighborhood tradition is to demand a joke before handing out a treat – you’ll hear some really old "groaners" that night as well as clever new ones.  During the evening, several Neighborhood Association board members also roam the neighborhood and hand out Great Pumpkin Awards for particularly good Halloween displays.  Porch lights are turned off and pumpkin candles are blown out promptly at 8 PM.

Luminaria Night

For more than thirty years the neighborhood has held a Luminaria display on a Sunday evening on or near the Winter Solstice.  The weekend of the Luminaria, Neighborhood Association board members sell sets of Luminaria, consisting of white paper bags, candles, and sand.  Participating neighbors line their front stairs and sidewalks with each bag filled with sand and a candle. At dusk the candles are lit.  It's magical to see our neighborhood's curving streets glowing candlelight. 

Progressive Dinner

To take advantage of the beauty of Luminaria Night, Neighborhood Association board members also organize a progressive dinner on the same evening.  Volunteer neighbors host small groups of participants for one of two courses. After the second course is completed, all adult participants gather at a single house or in the stately lobby of our historic City Hall for dessert. The Neighborhood Association provides hosts with wine for their guests and participants bring something to share to one of the courses. This is a welcoming and festive event, and a great way to visit with longtime neighbors as well as meet new ones.

A notice is sent out via email or Nextdoor (or both) when a date is selected. Be sure to sign up quickly as this is one of the most popular events in the neighborhood. This event could not take place without the generosity of those who open their homes to host a course and those who help organize it. Please consider volunteering to host or helping to organize this cherished event.